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Work collaboratively for your nation, not for yourself. This is the highest level of work...

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

About Us

SOLİT was established in Afyonkarahisar in 2004. It is a company that has continuously increased its scope and research since its establishment. To provide a simple solution to ensure quality with the service concept offered in the foreground. It was established to provide solutions to constantly developing technological needs with a service understanding that prioritizes trust and quality. Afyonkarahisar centrally manage with their work, it has a wide spectrum of projects in Turkey who are working in many cities. In weak current projects, in addition to corporate companies, it also works on personal projects in line with customer demand. It ensures continuity as the first choice of its customers thanks to its product and service quality and its adoption of an honest and reliable business policy. The experience and professionalism of its staff and the strategy and organizational success of the management team are the most important factors in Solit Engineering, which has achieved a certain reputation in its sector by completing the projects it has undertaken on time and above the expected quality levels. As a quality policy, it adopts to meet customer expectations at the highest level with designs in accordance with the standards, to carry out projects in accordance with regulations, to carry out its activities with competent personnel in training and equipment support, and to maximize customer satisfaction. It continues to serve in the sector with its innovative, high quality stance and reliable staff.

Our Mission

  • To meet the expectations at the highest level by respecting the individual and society in the sectors in which it operates, and being sensitive to the environment by adhering to economic and moral values.

  • To meet customer expectations at the highest level with a wide range of services by providing the right quality and correct price ratio at the highest level.

  • With the advantage of easy accessibility after service, it is always behind the service provided to continuously produce innovative solutions.

Our Vision

  • Information and combining her work with the skilled labor force Turkey being the most leading companies in engineering firms serving the public.

  • Thanks to its honest and reliable service understanding, it is the first choice of its customers and to ensure continuity.

  • To provide lasting superiority by creating differences.

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