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IP Intercom System

It is an internal communication channel used in offices, apartments and villas. It is used to ensure security in suspicious situations as it provides visual and instant communication. Versatile usage options are provided with products for needs. Due to its functional and modular structure, it is suitable for individual and multi-user use. One of its most important advantages is alarm and security access.


IP CCTV Security System

It is a system that can offer you solutions in line with your long-term security needs. Recorder for operations such as viewing, recording, and managing cameras; There is a control keyboard for you to control the cameras. Thanks to the recording device in the system, you can have easy access with the mobile control application even when you are not at your home or workplace. 7/24 monitoring can be provided with this system.


Fire Detection and Warning System

It is a system aimed at detecting any fire situation that will occur in all kinds of buildings, businesses, buildings and facilities at the beginning and informing the residents of this fire, preventing a possible loss of life and property caused by fire. It works as an addressable system and a conventional system. In addressable systems, the location of the fire can be determined as point, and in conventional systems, the location of the fire can be determined locally.


KNX Smart Home Automation

It is the system that provides the highest level of comfort and energy efficiency in your living spaces.

KNX; It is a world standard created for the control of lighting, curtain-shutter systems, heating-cooling systems, security systems and all other systems of homes, buildings or businesses, and it is a building automation and control system. It ensures that all these processes we have listed are carried out automatically from a system.


Emergency Announcement and Sounding System

Safe evacuation of people from the environment in case of any emergency; In normal cases, it is the system used to broadcast announcements and music. The number of zones and the structure of the system are determined according to the size of the place where the system will be installed and then the system is studied in line with these data.


Headend System

It is the main center where TV broadcasts of SMATV systems are received and organized. These broadcasts are broadcasts received from satellite, cable, local transmitters and various sources.


Emergency Rope Calling System / Nurse  Calling System

Nurse call system; These are systems that enable the communication between nurses and patients to be made effectively and easily. This system consists of a bed head unit, wc call unit, handset and over-door corridor lamp.


Telephone Central System

The telephone central is generally the name given to the telecommunication system that has been developed to ensure the continuity of communication between many telephones connected to a center and automatically directs incoming and outgoing calls.


Thief Alarm Systems

Anti-theft alarm system can be used at home, office, warehouse (any place you want to protect) etc. It is a system designed to protect places and valuables in these places against thieves. Burglar alarm systems protect buildings and the perimeter of buildings by securing entry points such as doors and windows. Burglar alarm systems give an alarm whenever an abnormal situation is detected.


Personnel Attendance Tracking System

The personnel attendance control system, which is an intelligent automation system that records and reports the work entry and exit times of the employees in detail, is the system that helps the personnel to prepare their payrolls according to working hours, meal breaks, overtime and holidays.


Lighting Systems

It is a system designed in accordance with the user's request to meet the visual comfort needs of the light produced from artificial light sources.

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